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Welcome to the LITTLE THEATRE Gateshead home of the

Progressive Players

Entertaining Angels

5th - 10th September 2016

Progressive Players NEXT PRODUCTIONEntertaining Angels

The widow of a clergyman has to come to terms with life (including leaving her home of many years) after his death.

A moving, often very funny, family story with some suprising complications as Grace learns to feel free to be her own woman.




Autumn Season 2016

Progressive Players

Play Pictures

The 2016 Autumn Season from the Progressive Players has been announced and includes 'Spiders Web' from Agatha Christie, Ladies in Lavender and in December 'Wyrd Sisters' based on a book by Terry Pratchett.


Early booking of tickets is advised or why not contact the box office and request a season ticket and get 5 plays for the price of 4!



Spider's Web

July 2016

Progressive Players LAST PRODUCTIONSpider's Web

An English country house, some frightfully well connected toffs - surely not the scene for a murder? Oh yes it is.

Clarissa's lively imagination and story-telling has often entertained her friends in the past, but now she has to use her fertile brain to conceal what she believes has happened, in order to protect a loved one.





Nobody's Perfect

June 2016

Progressive Players PAST PRODUCTIONDeath in High Heels

Leonard is a buttoned-up, not to say repressed, statician who is convinced he can make it as a writer - if only he can get published.


He enters a competition, where the prize is a publishing contract. The only drawback is the competition is supposed to be for women writers.





Death in High Heels

April 2016

Progressive Players PAST PRODUCTIONDeath in High Heels

A new adaption of the 1941 novel by Christianna Brand, doyenne of British crime writers. In a small haute couture house in London in the 1930's, there is fierce competition for a job in the new French branch.


One of the candidates meets a sudden end - did she fall of was she pushed, as they say?






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