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Blue stockings

  • Blue Stockings Little Theatre Gateshead - June 2015
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Blue Stockings

by Jessica Swale


8th - 13th June 2015


Girton College, Cambridge, 1896: Elizabeth Welsh is preparing for battle. Girton is the first college in Britain to accept women.


Whilst the men graduate, the women leave with nothing but the stigma of being a 'blue stocking', an unnatural, educated woman, considered both unquallified and unmariageable by an unforgiving society.


Principal Welsh is determined to win the girls' right to graduate, whatever the cost!


'Blue Stockings' premiered at Shakespeare's Globe in August 2013.


Marie Dawson

Samantha Hutton

Louisa Robinson

September-Sky Howd

Nick Tennant

Nathan Butterfield

Chris Corbett

Dan Wilde

John Barratt

Sue Hingley

Don Walker

Ian Johnson

Jane O'Keeffe

Peter Mitchell

Neil Radbourne

Cathy Williams

Stephen Armstrong

Blue Stokings June 2015

'Blue Stockings' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, June 2015

Production team

Stage Manager

Set Design


Crew Chief









Lighting set

Lighting operate


Sound set

Sound operate





Administrative Producer


Directed by

Terry Collier & George Marvin

Robbie Carruthers & Judith Carruthers

Terry Collier

George Marvin, Gavin Jaques, Stephen Armstrong, Gordon Dunlop, Robbie Carruthers, Judith Carruthers, Philip Campbell, John Woods & Alan Bell

Maureen Duffy, Marie Brown, Susan Petit & Pauline Cambpell

Irene Crankshaw

Robbie Carruthers

Philip Campbell

Jenni Craig & Mike Swallow

Jim Race

Sue Clark

Linda Wilde, Margaret Mavin, Michelle Havery & Stephen Armstrong

Sheila Everatt

Sue Clark



Judith Carruthers

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