SPRING Season 2019

Progressive Players

Good Things

by Liz Lochhead

25th - 30th Mar 2019

Susan is facing a mid-life crisis. Volunteering in a charity shop where she meets all sorts of people, she does not at first realise the impact one of them will have on her life. A bittersweet romantic comedy from one of Scotland’s foremost modern writers.

Jane O'Keeffe
Sandra Bones
Neil Radbourne
Trevor Whaley

Production Images

Stage Manager Alan Bell
Set Design John Woods & Lorna Watson
Crew Chief Peter Mitchell
Set Construction Peter Mitchell, Gordon Dunlop Huw Pritchard, Gavin Jacques Rob Williams
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy & Marie Brown
Prompt Andrea O'Neil
Lighting set Mike Keir
Lighting operate Eva Chatzaki
Sound set & operate Chris Corbett
Properties Ian Johnson, Lorna Watson & Jo Hall
Dresser Cathy Williams
Convenor Sue Clark

Directed by

John Woods