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Ladies in Lavender

Adapted for the stage by Shaun McKenna


Based on the film written and directed by Charles Dance
From a short story by William J. Locke


7th - 12th November 2016


Famously filmed by Charles Dance in 2004. Two ageing, unmarried, educated but unsophisticated sisters, living together by the sea, rescue a young man who appears to have been shipwrecked.


He awakens feelings in them that they had thought long dead, and one of them in particular sees how emotionally empty her life has been.


Irene Crankshaw

Sue Hingley

Chris Corbett

Marie Cable

Grace Ridley

Alex Russell

'Ladies in Lavender' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, November 2016. Shown (left to right) are Marie Cable, Sue Hingley and Irene Crankshaw

Production team
Stage Manager Terry Collier
Crew Chief Robbie Carruthers
Set Construction George Mavin, Gavin Jacques, Terry Collier, John Woods, Huw Pritchard, Steve Hingley, Gordon Dunlop, Grace Ridley, Judith Carruthers, Sarah Watson, Julie Roberts
Set Design Robbie & Judith Carruthers
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy & Marie Brown
Prompt Janet Wind
Pianist Mike Swallow
Violin Teacher Trish Turnbull
Lighting set Robbie Carruthers
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Sound set Marian Walker
Sound operate Sue Clark
Prop makers Jimmy Robertson, Jim Scott, Pat Campbell
Properties Lynda Wilde, Margaret Mavin, Sarah Watson
Convenor Jenni Craig

Directed by Judith Carruthers