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Prescription for Murder
  • Prescription for Murder, Little Theatre Gateshead, 11 - 16 January 2016
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Prescription for Murder

by Norman Robbins


11th - 16th January 2016


Dr Richard Forth's life is never dull. A hectic work schedule, an awkward friendship with an ex-girlfriend and a wife constantly suffering from mystery illnesses make life interesting.


The arrival of a man who says he knows Richard's second fiancée, who the good doctor claims does not exist. and a possible killer intent on bumping off his wife, stretched Dr North's sanity to breaking point.


A dramatic thriller.


Sean Turner

Julie Roberts

Cathy Williams

Maureen Duffy

Kevin Thew

Eddie Collins

Becci Dixon


Prescription for Murder

'Prescription for Murder' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, January 2016

Prescription for Murder

Maureen Duffy and Becci Dixon in 'Prescription for Murder'

Prescription for Murder

A note from the author of 'Prescription for Murder' Norman Robbins

Prescription for Murder

Production team

Stage Manager & Set Design

Set Construction





Lighting set

Lighting operate

Sound set

Sound operate




Directed by


Terry Collier

Gordon Dunlop, George Mavin, Gavin Jaques, Peter Mitchell, John Woods

Alison Mcardle & Trish Turnbull

Sylvia Collins

Phil Campbell

Andrea O'Neil

Marian Walker

Chris Corbett

Margaret Mavin & Linda Wilde

Jenni Craig


Val Neal

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