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The Pitmen Painters

  • The Pitmen Painters, Little Theatre Gateshead, 15 - 20 February 2016
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The Pitmen Painters

by Lee Hall


15th - 20th February 2016



The true story of how 'The Ashington Group' - a collection of Northumberland miners and a dental mechanic - employed a local art school to teach them art appreciation in 1934.


Within a decade they were acknowledged as the first school of English working class art. When does a man who learns to paint become a painter? Who owns art, and what makes it accessible?


Alex Russell

Dan Wilde

Steve Bones

Graeme Rendall

Jo Rendall

Richie Hamilton

Grace Ridley

Ian Johnson

Nathan Butterfield

Prescription for Murder

'The Pitmen Painters' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, February 2016.

Prescription for Murder

Production team

Stage Manager & Set Design

Set Construction





Lighting set

Lighting operate

Sound set

Sound operate




Directed by


Gordon Dunlop

Gordon Dunlop, George Mavin, Gavin Jaques, Peter Mitchell, John Woods

Marie Brown & Amsel Lazarus

Sandra Bones

Mark Dunlop

Andrea O'Neil

Mike Keir

Jenni Craig

Susan Petit & Margaret Mavin

Sue Clark


Sonia Dunlop

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