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Time of My Life

by Alan Ayckbourn


9th - 14th October 2017


We meet the Stratton Family as they celebrate Laura's fifty fourth birthday. This should be a happy occasion but, in true Ayckbourn style, all is not what it seems.

Secrets are revealed, time shifts forwards and backwards, and relationships are tested.


Chris Bache

Judith Carruthers

Melissa Palmer

Michael Connolly

Cathy Williams

Phil Alexanders

Eva Chatzala

Nick Tennant

Time of My Life at the Little Theatre Gateshead, October 2017

Production team
Stage Manager Kevin Graham
Set Design/Crew Chief Robbie Carruthers
Set Construction George Mavin, Gordon Dunlop, Terry Collier, Peter Mitchell, John Woods, Chris Hill, Huw Pritchard, Robbie Carruthers,
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy, Jo Hall & Connie Wilson
Prompt Jenni Craig
Lighting set Mike Swallow
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Projection Aaron Martin
Sound Chris Hill & Samantha V Hutton
Hair Sheila Everatt
Properties Linda Wilde, Ian Johnson & Melissa Palmer
Convenor Kevin Graham

Directed by Janet Wind