AUTUMN Season 2019

Progressive Players

Visiting Mr. Green

by Jeff Baron

15th - 20th July 2019

Mr. Green, an elderly pedestrian, has been involved in what could have been a serious road accident. Ross, the young driver, has been ordered to visit him as part of a restorative justice programme. Their relationship, not particularly welcomed by either of them at first, gradually deepens. New York Jewish humour at its best.

James Soulsby
Christopher Bache

Production Images

Stage Manager Gordon Dunlop
Set Design Mark Buckley
Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Set Construction Gordon Dunlop, Rob Williams, Huw Pritchard, Alex Brandon
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy
Prompt Andrea Langeveld
Lighting set Phil Campbell
Lighting operate Jenni Craig
Sound set Marian Walker
Sound operate Chris Corbett
Properties Jo Hall, Ian Johnson, Susan Petit, Rachel Mark, Lorna Watson, Linda Wilde, Cathy Williams
Convenor Kevin Thew
Assistant Director Nicola Bache

Directed by

Mark Buckley