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Death in High Heels

Death in High Heels

by Richard Harris


25th - 30th April 2016



A new adaption of the 1941 novel by Christianna Brand, doyenne of British crime writers.


In a small haute couture house in London in the 1930's, there is fierce competition for a job in the new French branch.


One of the candidates meets a sudden end - did she fall of was she pushed, as they say?


Jane O'Keefe

Richie Hamilton

Jane Bowron

Becci Dixon

Lizzy Williamson

Marie Dawson

Kevin Thew

Sam Jakeman

Rachel Arget-Belcher

Michael Connelly


Richie Hamilton, Elizabeth Williamson, Michael Connelly, Jane O'Keeffe, Marie Dawson and Jane Bowron in 'Death in High Heels' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, April 2016


Kevin Thew and Sam Jakeman


Rachel Argent-Belcher


'Death in High Heels' will be showing at the Little Theatre Gateshead 25th - 30th April 2016

Production team

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction





Lighting set

Lighting operate

Sound set

Sound operate




Assistant Director


Directed by

John Woods

Dawn Mooney

Gordon Dunlop, Terry Collier, George Mavin, Gavin Jaques, Peter Mitchell, John Woods

Alison McArdle & Bryony Taylor

Irene Crankshaw

Mike Keir

Andrea O'Neil

Jo Rendall

Jenni Craig

Linda Wilde, Graeme Rendall & Daniella Watson

Marie Dawson

Dawn Mooney


Jo Rendall

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