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by Molière adapted by Roger McGough


8th - 13th December 2014

Tartuffe is a beacon of piety and in the home of wealthy merchant Orgon he has his feet firmly under the table. But all is not as it seems and as Orgon becomes more enraptured with his new companion the whole city is chattering. Is he a friend, a fraud, a miracle or a hypocrite? 


The family smell a rat and amidst the frills and frivolity of Seventeenth Century society they hatch a cunning plan to outwit the wily deceiver before he brings their house crashing down. 


Banned by Louis XIV, Tartuffe is Moliere's famous comedy re-told in a sparkling and witty version by'Liverpool's Poet Laureate', Roger McGough, and was originally commissioned and produced by Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse in 2008.



'Tartuffe' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, December 2014


Jim Race

John Woods

Sean Turner

Alex Russell

Maureen Duffy

Kevin Thew

Jane Robson

Louise Wright

John Moses

Richie Hamilton

Sandra Bones

Will Davies

Ian Johnson

Production team

Stage Manager

Set Design & Construction






Makeup Artist

Hair & Wigs


Lighting set

Lighting operate

Sound set

Sound operate




Directed by

Alex Russell

Gordon Dunlop, Alan Bell, George Marvin, Pat Campbell, Peter Mitchell, John Woods, Gavin Jaques

Lizzie Williamson, Emily Baxendale, Bryony Taylor, Trish Turnbull

Terry Smith

Sheila Everatt

Jenni Craig

Robbie Carruthers

Andrea O'Neil

Mike Keir

Dan Wilde

Alison McArdle

Sylvia Bertie


Eddie Collins

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